When is the Right Time to Review a Game?

  • Edonus

    A reviewer shouldnt review a game until they have a certain level of mastery and understanding of the game.

    • admiralvic

      That is an interesting take, but what about simpler games? I won’t throw out a time, but titles like Dynasty Warriors don’t take long to understand or master. This also works against games with a twist or deeper mechanics.

      For instance, how exactly do you know when you’ve mastered and understand a game? There have been times when I thought I mastered/knew it all, only to learn tracks or mechanics I hadn’t known existed. A good example is Vanquish, where the gun that shoots a bubble can destroy the ball enemies while they’re in a ball. Sure it’s a pointless mechanic, things like this almost always are, but all it takes is not knowing you can parry in Rising for a good game to feel impossible.

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