Check Out the Intense Final Moments of Fortnite’s Survive the Storm Mission

Survie the Storm is a mode many players were looking forward to in Fortnite. By bringing the games basic concept, defending an objective by building a fort around it, and adding more intense requirements, the ability to really flesh out designs and allowing users to get creative has been a welcome addition to the game.

While Survive the Storm might not check off every box, it’s still an exciting mode that comes in three different varieties. The video here showcases the mode at level 40 on the highest difficulty, 14-days, a mission that takes roughly four-hours to complete. Mind you, it isn’t the hardest version, which is at level 70, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Anyone interested in prizes, the video ends with the reward for finishing the 14-day mission, some quest rewards and the opening of two Storm Llamas.

Finally, check back later this week for our impression of the latest update.

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