What the Xbox One X Needs to Succeed

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    Ironically the AD on this page behind this article kinda sums up what XB1 needs. Not exactly but something like it.

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    It needs the Bias Gaming Media to let it be sold without trying to inspire doubt in the consumers.

    For what you are getting the Xbox One X price tag is more than fair. It delivers an experience you would have to pay almost twice that to get on PC. Ps4Pro doesn’t look as good does less and isn’t supported as well. $100 difference is beyond justified…. and in time the price will go down if you really are that hard up at spending a good price for a good product.

    They have old exclusives getting 4k treatment and they have more exclusives on the way Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and State Of Decay just to name a few.

    SSD would be nice but that’s being a d!ck acting like it needs it. Nice to have and need are 2 different things. The bandwidth is so large there wont be any problem with moving data. It like saying “A Lamborghini would be so much faster if they put a jet engine in it………. Yeah

    They have been trying to attract movie buffs but this is where the bias gaming media come in. IGN, Gamespot, Press Now and so on and so forth don’t push the advantage of the 4k player to the consumers. The way media works is the subject generates information and then the media packages it and delivers it to the consumers. We know MS has put 4k blu ray players in their consoles but the media isn’t making a big deal of it. MS has…… To illustrate the difference…….. I remember when Blu Ray was coming out and suppose to take out DVD. I remember IGN and other gaming sites having display comparisons of what movies looked like on DVD compared to Blu Ray. articles talking about how much better Blu ray looked. Right now you see none of that and I have an Xbox One S and have moved over to buying only 4k movies when available. There is a nice difference. So Attracting movie buffs is actually another demonstration that we have a very bias gaming media. Lets see if they push the ATMOS with 4k when the X1X launches…… I doubt it.

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